Product Designer crafting interfaces for the world wide web.

Helping visionary companies and startups to shape the future and creating 0 -> 1 digital products. Previously at Uphold, Bradesco, and Sapient AG2.


Hey, I'm Levi Rodrigues, a product and web designer from Brazil with over 6+ years of experience helping companies and startups like, Conquer, Sympla, Deeploy, Banlek, TIM, Pleo, The Checker and Genera.

I've proudly helped to build web, iOS, and Android applications, developed comprehensive design systems, and delivery high-quality websites using Framer.

The products I've designed have reached millions of users and generated millions of dollars in revenue for the companies I’ve worked with.

My work has been featured on Typewolf, HyperFramer, Landbook, CSS Winner, and Best Website Gallery.

How can I help

Framer Development

Converting prototypes into top-notch Framer websites, combining user-friendliness with a focus on conversions.

Turn your prototypes into top-notch Framer websites for a fixed price, baked by the user-friendliness and conversion focus.

Visual Design

Designing user-friendly interfaces for web, iOS, and Android with a primary emphasis on usability and performance.

Design System

Creating a design system that helps your company develop digital products in a more agile, easy, and consistent way.


Beyond design

Just as important as my design skills I care about communication, timelines and project management. A successful project isn't just a beautiful design, but a process that hit everybody expectations.

Trust and transparency

I don't have just clients, I have partners. And as a partner, you can always count on me. I'll be in touch with you during all the process, updating you about the progress and getting feedback from you.

Real results

I don't deliver just fancy interfaces, I deliver results. We'll set the project goal and make all moves keeping in mind our intentions and what we are doing to achieve the project objective.


What is your work process?

Can I hire you as a freelancer?

Can you develop my designs?

How can we start a project together?

How much do projects usually cost?

Let’s work together

People reach me out when they need a high-quality design delivered with incredible speed.

If you think I’d be a good fit for your next project, please send an email. I’m currently available for freelance/contract work.